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Hello and welcome to Scouts from all around the world.
Tyakunda is a district in Brisbane North Region, Queensland, Australia.

2006 Jota Joti Logo 2006 Joti at Toowong - Website Bingo

Joti 2006 (21-22 October)

In 2006, the Taringa-Milton-Toowong Joeys and Cubs participated in Joti, on the Saturday. We chatted on IRC with nicknames like "taringa1". Countries contacted included Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, England, Germany, Greece, Guyana, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, and the USA. We also had an online bingo game, with participants finding out about different countries through their websites. We have mapped some of our contacts on this map.

Thank you to Toowong Library for letting us use their meeting room and laptops. Thank you also to our leaders, Baloo, Emu and Hathi.

Cubs participating in Joti
Have a look at theInteractive Map of Australian Scout Groups, and select Taringa from the groups list to see where we meet.

Links: Official Joti Website,Scoutlink, JOTA.

Joti 2006 Joti 2006

Joti 2005 (15-16 October)

Australian Jota Joti 2005 Badge

In 2005, the Taringa-Milton-Toowong and Emmanuel Cub and Joey Scouts had a combined Jota/Joti pack holiday. We had 27 children, 5 leaders and 2 parents. Moggill group also ran a Joti base.

Jamboree on the Air 2005 For Joti, we had 10 computers, with a dial-up internet connection. We contacted Scouts from around Australia, New Zealand, UK, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Peru, Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Ireland, USA, Malaysia, Mexico, Brasil, South Africa, Denmark, Canada, Malta and Russia. We also had a radio transceiver, which we used to make contacts from around Australia, as well as Russia and the USA.

The cubs were given the opportunity to complete their Level 1 Information Technology acheivement badge. The children were able to pull apart some old computers, and see what was inside.

Thank you to our JOTA operator, Kazu, our JOTI operator, Peter, leaders Emu, Hathi, Baloo, Gerard and Martin, and helpers.

Joti 2004 (16-17 October 2004)

Jota (Radio) base 2004
We had a spy camp, with lots of secret codes. We had a radio base set up for Jota on Saturday, and had computers for the whole weekend. Australian 2004 Jota Joti badge

Leaders at Joti Australian Jota Joti 2003 badge

Joti 2003 (18-19 October 2003)

This year (2003) we (the Emmanuel Cub Pack & TMT Cub Pack) had a combined pack holiday for Jota/Joti. The Emmanuel Joey mob came and visited us.

We had radio on VK4SBQ (which was able to transmit all the way to Japan!), and 4 computers on scoutlink IRC.

Cubs at Joti 2003 Breakfast on Sunday cubs and joeys

Joti 2002 (19-20 October)

Cubs participating in Joti 2001 The Taringa-Milton-Toowong Joeys, Cubs and Venturers were online Saturday afternoon. We had 4 computers set up at our Taringa den, connected to the Internet. We chatted with many scouts from around the world. We also had an amateur radio station set up, and made contact with both Scout & Guide Jota stations - thanks to our operator, Kazu (VK4GX).
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